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Miguel António Letra de Azevedo was born in the city of Porto, Portugal, on October 23, 1967. Coming from a family with a strong connection to the arts, he developed a particular interest in drawing, painting, and illustration from an early age, around 3 years old. Perhaps influenced by his great-grandfather (Moreira de Azevedo) and his paternal uncle (Manuel de Azevedo), both renowned visual artists.

With dedication and a keen interest in these fields, Miguel quickly made progress in the development of his artistic skills, consistently earning good grades in art-related subjects throughout his academic journey. In 1994, he enrolled in the Industrial Design course at Árvore Art School, located in Porto. It was during this course that he first delved into the realm of digital art and programming.

Today, Miguel remains dedicated to digital art and programming, having built a successful career in this domain. He has already created numerous websites, both in Portugal and Brazil, showcasing his ability to combine artistic creativity with technical proficiency. Currently, he is the founder and owner of “Miguel Letra – Print On Demand,” an artistic creation company. Through this venture, Miguel aims to practically showcase his artistic works and offer useful products that his clients can take pride in using, as created by a dedicated Portuguese designer.

"Life is an Alchemical Process, don't waste your time with banalities."

"Life is an Alchemical Process, don't waste your time with banalities."